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Accessible Business is a full service consulting firm specializing in assisting businesses. Whether you need to design a business and marketing plan, prepare your accounting records, cash flow analysis, or just need a fresh pair of eyes for troubleshooting, Accessible Business can prepare your company for the present and the future.


"Dave was referred to me by a very trusted friend. He has been instrumental in financially rescuing my solo private practice dermatology office after the Recession. He really showed interest in me and my practice's day-to-day operations.Dave also proposed several ideas to boost my patient volume, including adding nursing home visits. lectures and advertising to produce more patients.Dave is truly the maven of business management. I recommend him most enthusiastically as a pleasant gentleman of utmost trust, integrity, and superb judgment."-Dr. Ed

"After a full year of searching (without success) for 30 million dollars to build a brand new real estate project in the Caribbean, I was introduced to Dave at Accessible. Initially I didn't like everything he said, but he definitely knows his business and he has some impressive connections… He has located the money for this project and has presented us with options. He definitely gets the job done."-Victor F

"Accessible Business demonstrates extreme professionalism and expertise in regards to my consulting needs. They constantly go above and beyond to service my needs and work hard to get the job done. Accessible Business has set the standard for quality and service when considering my business needs. I highly recommend Accessible Business and would use them again."
-Michael O.

"I contracted with Accessible Business a little over a year ago to help my company increase sales. We have been in business for 26 years and have reached a plateau in the past five years. We entered into an agreement whereby Accessible Business would review all aspects of the business from sales, to customer service to employee benefits and incentives to bottom line profits. I am happy to report that during the contracted period of one year, sales were increased by 18.2%, profits increased and employees seem to be more enthusiastic about their incentives."-Don H

"Our company needed help. We had one huge customer that went out of business and it almost took us with them. I was very hesitant to engage with a company I found online, but now I'm glad I did engage. Dave at Accessible Business has put our company on recovery to financial stability. Our business is growing faster than ever again, and I am pleased to say we are still currently working with Dave and we look forward to working with Accessible Business in the future."-Cliff H